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I am a lifelong writer who has worked with private clients as an editor and ghost writer since 2007. My clients range from authors to business owners,  college professors to artists.  I have helped edit websites, blogs, newsletters, eBooks, manuscripts for print publishing, mission statements for grant applicants, marketing copy for entrepreneurs, artists’ statements, and more. I have ghost written eBooks, weekly newsletters, business blogs, articles, real estate copy, and a variety of other projects for busy people who would rather put their time and energy into what they do best.

As an Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia, where I earned my BA, I had the opportunity to work with authors such as Mary Lee Settle and John Casey. As a fellowship grad student at Columbia University, I completed my MFA in writing, and went on to teach English at an independent school in the Hudson Valley of New York, where I also served as editor-in-chief of the school’s journal. I have written hundreds of articles about educational theory and child development, and had essays, articles, and short stories published in educational and literary journals, web-based magazines, as well as an anthology of essays.

What I can do for you: look at a piece of writing both for editing purposes and for overall sense, tone, and clarity. I can also produce any piece of writing you might desire or need. Provided with essentials regarding content and tone, I will produce a professionally written and edited document on your behalf.

Believe me, I understand that you are likely up against a deadline. I pride myself on a fast turn-around for smaller projects while larger projects are contracted to meet your timeline comfortably.

Clients have referred to me as their “secret weapon,” their “savior,” the person who simplifies their lives, makes them “sound good,” and knows how to “say what they mean.” All I know is, I love my work and can make your ideas and words come to life on the page.


http://As Featured On EzineArticles http://As Featured On EzineArticles


“There are two typos of people in this world: those who can edit and those who can’t.” – Jarod Kintz


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